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How Many Fingers?

It’s been another busy week filled with planning, brainstorming, and collaboration with our team to ensure that our fall shows will run smoothly in our new role at the Kelowna Community Theatre. We are eagerly anticipating launching and announcing a wide variety of shows this fall hosted at the aforementioned venue, as well as a few others. As always, we

Halloween Expansion

At the end of this week, we have the pleasure of running our first show at the Theatre in our new role! Our team is feeling nervous and excited all at once and is ready to dive in, while fully anticipating some first-time hiccups to occur.

In conjunction with putting all our ducks in a row for this new contract, we’ve

Patio Dwelling Projects

Our offices have been a flurry of activity the last few weeks adjusting to our new role at the Kelowna Community Theatre, and most importantly, putting together our fall line-up of shows!

While we are thrilled for the opportunity to manage the front of house guest services program at the Theatre, our number one passion still lies in producing/promoting live shows.

Game Changer

For the staff and owners at KeyNote Productions, the summer months are typically laid back, quiet, and generally perfect for planning and setting goals for the coming year. This summer however, we were busy with a rather big, game-changing opportunity. What opportunity is that, you ask? Well, our team was busy compiling an extensive, detailed proposal to take on the