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A Night out at the KCT

Are you planning on seeing a show at the Kelowna Community Theatre? Why not make a whole evening out of it?! The Theatre is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Kelowna, right next to the beloved Stuart Park. The theatre is walking distance to a ton of local shops and restaurants. Make your way to the theatre early, grab yourself a

Get Involved

Have you ever considered volunteering but aren’t sure if you are ready to make the commitment? We are here today to help you change your mind, so you can start reaping the benefits that come from donating your time and skills. Here is a list of reasons why you should volunteer!

Reason #1: Making Connections

When it comes to volunteering we

Fall in the Okanagan

It’s that time of year again.. pumpkin spice season-or wait, we mean fall. As we watch the Okanagan transform into a colorful landscape filled with cool crisp air, boots and pumpkin spice everything, we can’t help but jump in on the craze too. There’s nothing like walking through downtown Kelowna and capturing the beauty of the season with the sun

Welcome New Students!

It’s back to school week here in British Columbia and we want to welcome all the new students that are taking up residence in Kelowna, BC. Kelowna is home to many post-secondary schools including The University of British Columbia – Okanagan, Okanagan College, Centre for Arts and Technology, and MC College.

Kelowna has so much to offer young adults with

Just a Spoon Full of Sugar…

The biggest musical of the summer is coming to the Kelowna Community Theatre July 28th – August 6th. You may be wondering what musical we are talking about and who is performing? Well let us give you a hint.. this lady has a touch of magic, can sing, dance and carries an umbrella. By now we hope you are as