KeyNote Productions



Our Story

When it comes to event venues, we think of them as our second home.  There are days and weeks where our crew spends more time at various venues than we do at our own homes.  Venues are the key to each production and event.  Without a venue, there is no show.  It is because of this fact that we decided to pursue venue management.


As our production team grew, we starting building a rapport with various venues and getting to know the guest services team managing each one. Eventually an opportunity arose to bid for a long-term contract managing the front-of-house operations of a City-owned facility. Since then, we have discovered what a perfect fit it has been for our team.

What Makes Us Tick

Our team prides itself on collaboration.  We draw from our strengths, and complement each other’s weaknesses.  We are always trying to better ourselves by taking in training opportunities, embracing new challenges, and ensuring that we are staying current in the industry.

Us at a Glance

We are a passionate, hard-working, quirky team that strives for excellence in all we do. We don’t claim to be perfect, but we ensure that our work is top-notch and relevant for you: our client. Above all else, we LOVE what we do, and that makes all the difference!

Guest Services Administration

With hundreds or potentially thousands of attendees arriving at your venue on a daily basis, your guest services need to be perfected. Guest satisfaction needs to be a priority in your operation. We believe in the 6 A’s of event management and through our detailed approach in executing each element, you will see the satisfaction level increase with your guests.

Staff & Volunteer Coordination

Regardless of the size of your venue, it is going to take a team of motivated individuals working together to provide the guest services needed at each event. We believe in using everyone in a strength-based capacity while training them to be better, and use this approach with staff and volunteer coordination within venues.