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Hello June!

As we opened our Instagram on this rainy, overcast day, we are reminded that today is June 1st by a series of delicate, floral “Hello June” posts. Being inspired by these delightful images, we decided that it’s time for another blog post…so here we go!

The start of June for both residents and tourists in the Okanagan means prepping your summer

Manchester Bombing

I was playing with my three kids at 2:30PM on Monday afternoon.  We were finally experiencing incredible weather, and on a long weekend no less!  I glanced down at my phone about half hour later in between blowing bubbles and building block towers; it was filled with Twitter notifications.  Something had occurred in Manchester involving Ariana Grande.  The first link

10 BC Festivals You Need to Know About

As the sun starts to make an appearance in the Okanagan we are reminded that summer is almost here! That means it’s time to start planning your music festival schedule! We are here to help you pick the festivals that you NEED to attend this summer..  This list includes multiple music genres and pricing options, so there’s a festival for

Country Music in the Okanagan

If there’s one music genre that we’ve seen expanding in the Okanagan it’s Country Music. In 2016 we saw Merritt, BC welcome the “Rockin’ River Music Festival” into their quaint little city. The festival boasted a 4-day country packed experience with performances by top country artists including Sam Hunt, Randy Houser and Dean Brody along with 20 plus artists. The 2017 lineup is even bigger this year with

Platinum Selling Artist Bobby Bazini

This week we want to immerse you in the charm, soul and positivity of the Canadian, emerging artist, Bobby Bazini. Born in Mont-Laurier, Quebec Bobby has embraced his musical heritage to produce an impactful, soulful sound. Having just released his third album “Summer is Gone,” Bobby couldn’t be more delighted to share his heart with audiences from Moncton, New Brunswick