KeyNote Productions



Our Team

Our team includes more than 150 people of all ages, from various backgrounds, all with different skills. It is because of our team’s diversity that we can achieve our mission to provide friendly, high caliber personnel and guest services at all of our events.


At KeyNote there is something for everyone. We are always looking to fill our guest service positions in our ‘Venues’ division ranging from Ticket Takers and Ushers, to more complex roles such as Bartenders and Mixologists. Or, if production and promoting is more your thing, we would love to add you to our street team.


No experience is needed to become a KeyNote Volunteer; but a passion for live events, a great attitude and a desire to serve others is mandatory. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.


We offer a very flexible schedule that works around your life. While most of our events occur in the evenings and on weekends, it’s entirely up to you as to when and how much you choose to be involved. Most time blocks we ask you to commit to are four hours long.


Once a month, we hold a volunteer orientation and training session for any new and existing volunteers. It is here that you will meet some of our staff. Then on the job we work in pairs; so you will always be with another volunteer who will help guide you through the specific details of your role.


As with any Volunteer group, immediate benefits of volunteering include networking with other likeminded people, acquiring new skills and knowledge, and being immersed into a new community. Additional appreciation for the work our volunteers do includes the obvious perk and benefit of getting free admission into events you work, as well as regular themed appreciation parties.