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Just a Spoon Full of Sugar…

The biggest musical of the summer is coming to the Kelowna Community Theatre July 28th – August 6th. You may be wondering what musical we are talking about and who is performing? Well let us give you a hint.. this lady has a touch of magic, can sing, dance and carries an umbrella. By now we hope you are as

Dance Season

Dance season flew by in a sea of ruffles, tutus and sashays. We watched many performances from tiny tots to tweens and adults. Each show brought their own personality and flare through music, lighting, costumes, and movements.

This year we learned that Kelowna is home to more dance studios than we ever could of anticipated, such as Ballet Kelowna, Creators Dance,

It’s Our Passion

What do you love about LIVE events? Is it the energy from the crowd? The excitement of being out with friends or family members? The thrill of seeing your favorite artist or band or speaker up close and personal?

For us, we love all of the above and more. That’s why we became event planners and producers. There’s something special about

A Day in the Life

As we launch into a new season, it’s apparent that things are about to get busy, and fast! You would think that with a month to prep and plan for the fall, we would be equipped to handle the upcoming rush and ever-growing to-do list, and we are, but even with a team, we recognize it will be a challenge